About Us

Our Story

When God called us to church planting in Brazil, He began a work in our lives that would forever intertwine our hearts with Brazilians and international missions in a way that is impossible to explain with words. Since moving to Brazil in May 2000, the Lord enabled our team, with the help of many others, to start three churches and an evangelistic pre-school ministry that now ministers to approximately 140 students each week day. We recently transitioned our last church plant in Brazil completely over to national leadership to return to the United States to begin visiting our supporting churches. 

After spending much time in research and seeking the Lord’s face during this transitional time of ministry, we believe that the Lord has opened all of the doors for us to pursue planting a multicultural church in Cobb County. At the current growth trends, Cobb County will be comprised of over 50% minority groups within the next four years. Cobb County is also home to a large Latino population, Georgia’s highest concentration of Brazilians, and Georgia’s third largest university, Kennesaw State University. Believing that God is sending us to Cobb County, we are looking forward to seeing how the Lord will use our cross-cultural experience in Brazil, as well as our deep commitment to local church ministry to advance the cause of Christ in this area of Metro Atlanta that is changing and growing so rapidly. However, we know from our past eighteen years of church planting ministry that we can not accomplish this on our own. We are so thankful for all of you, our friends and ministry partners, who God has used in a phenomenal way to help us advance the cause of Christ in Brazil, and we pray that He will lead each of you to help us with this next church plant as well!  

Our Family

We moved to Brazil when our oldest daughter was only 18 months old. Just a few months after we arrived, our second daughter was born, and in the years to come the Lord blessed us with two more daughters and one son. All seven of us have thoroughly enjoyed serving the Lord together in Brazil! From our junior in college to our kindergartener, all of our children are a tremendous blessing to us! We enjoy seeing them grow in Christ and using their talents and abilities for His glory. 

Our Savior

We are so thankful that despite all of our weaknesses and failures, the Lord showed us His love to us FIRST! - I John 4:19

Because of His AMAZING love for us, He paid the penalty for our sins by giving up His life freely on the cross. - John 3:16

NOW, we have the privilege of serving and loving Him with our lives as we endeavor to share the good news of SALVATION with those who God brings across our path! - I Corinthians 5:14-15

If you do not know Christ as your PERSONAL Savior, we hope that you will make that decision today! 

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