November 3, 2019

Launch Class


On Sunday, November 3, we began a Launch Class to provide an opportunity for volunteers and potential core members to hear and discuss the doctrinal statement, purpose statement, ministry philosophy, and ministry goals of the church.

January 19, 2020

Our First Service and Our Core Group


Although we have been meeting with a small group of believers since November 2019, it was very exciting to begin weekly services in our home on January 19, 2020! We are so thankful for a solid core group and other periodic volunteers who are helping us with music, setup, and many other aspects of the ministry.  

February 23, 2020

Our First Service at Clark Creek Elementary School


 On February 23, we held a single Sunday meeting at Clark Creek Elementary School. The goal for this meeting was to dream together as a core group and determine how to best prepare for holding weekly services at this school in the future.  

March 29, 2020

Our First Zoom Service Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic


 Similar to millions of people around the world, the Coronavirus situation resulted in what seemed like chaos to us. Moving kids back home from college, holding our first online service using Zoom, and taking a 60-hour whirlwind trip to Brazil (to renew our documents before they expired or before the borders closed) were just a few things that have consumed our attention in recent days.   We pray the Lord will use us all to point others to the stabilizing truths of Scripture and God's sovereignty in the weeks ahead!