Goals For Developing a Multicultural Church



We will endeavor to develop personal and gospel-motivated relationships with people in our community from all walks of life. As we open our lives and our home, we will strive to physically show and verbally share the gospel of Christ with our new friends. We will rejoice together with the angels in heaven when some of these friends become brothers and sisters in Christ! - Mark 10:28-31; Luke 15:10 

Primary Language - English


In light of our goal to create a unified multicultural church family, we believe English will be the most effective primary language of our ministry. After living and ministering in Brazil for the last eighteen years, our family understands the overwhelming benefits of learning and communicating in the predominant language of the country in which you reside. We became fluent in Portuguese, and can not imagine what our experience would have been like if we had limited our circles of spiritual fellowship and support to just the English-speaking community in Brazil. 

Supporting Languages


Although English will be the primary language of the church since it is the predominant language used in Metro Atlanta, we will work to include non-native English speakers in the church family by offering: language-specific small group classes each Sunday, language-specific small groups during the week, and an ongoing program geared to help non-native English speakers learn English or improve their English skills. The goal of these efforts will be to help the international community attending our church become fully integrated into our local church family as well as into the American society around them. 

Language Translation Technology



When possible, we plan to utilize translators and smart phone apps whereby those who still have difficulty understanding English can participate in the English services but also hear the message being translated into their own language. 

Host Families for KSU Students



We will work to recruit  host families to reach out to the international and dorm students at KSU by inviting these students into their homes for home-cooked meals, special holidays and more.

Community Involvement


As the Lord provides opportunities, we pray that the community will see and hear Christ through all of us as we seek ways to serve and connect with our local community.