Our support

Need: An additional $1,500.00 a month

We praise the Lord for his faithful provision for our family and ministry since we began deputation to go to Brazil in January 1999. For each of our last three church plants, God raised up a committed team of prayer partners and financial partners in order to build HIS church and to advance the gospel. We know by experience that we will not be able to plant this next church in Metro Atlanta on our own! Although the majority of our supporters have reacted very positively to our recent ministry transition, we have lost a significant amount of support from other churches. Due to this support deficit, we endeavor to raise an additional $1,500.00 of monthly support. 

Will you partner with us for 12 months or 24 months?

Any amount that the Lord enables you to give on a monthly basis will be a tremendous blessing to our family and ministry. Our desire is that anything you give would be in addition to your tithe to your local church. 

Please designate the funds for “David Huffman-support” or for account number 4442.  You can give by mail, or you can give online below. 

Please note: If you give online, the designation information that you enter on the first page of the online giving form will not show up in the following steps to conclude your transaction. However, your initial designation information will be saved, and BMW is working to resolve this problem.